Top tips on preparing your garden for the winter

Your garden needs constant care and attention. This is why you should prepare it for every season so all your efforts don’t go to waste. Winter is one of the seasons that require special preparation for your garden and if you prepare it properly for the cold season, then you will see your efforts blooming in spring. The checklist below will help you know what jobs you need to do during fall for your garden and yard.

The yard

You can start with your trees. The new trees need to be protected from mice and rabbits so you can protect them by putting wire mesh or plastic guards around the trunks making sure the guards are high enough. You should water your trees and more specifically your evergreen trees right before the ground freezes. The evergreen trees store moisture for the winter months as they transpire even when it is cold.

The fallen leaves can be used on your flower beds as winter mulch. If you have too many leaves, shred them and add them to a compost pile and within a couple of seasons you will have great fertilizer. Shredding the leaves is easy and you can use your lawn mower to do it.

In order to keep the yard work easy, you should always keep on top of it. Clean any fallen leaves weekly because your grass still needs the sunlight. It stores sugars in its roots so it grows next spring. If you don’t clean up the leaves, the grass will most likely smother. However, a good idea is to actually chop your leaves with a lawn mower, which will create a great fertilizer for your lawn. You may have to go over the leaves a couple of times until the desired effect is achieved.

The lawn weeds are a problem that we all have to tackle one day or another. The best time to deal with weeds is October so just spray the weed killer and your problem is solved. Get rid of all weeds and dispose of the ones that have seeds in your bin and not in your compost. Your lawn mower will probably need some servicing and sharpening now, so get it ready for spring after the final mowing.

Prepare your flower garden

When you prepare the garden for the next season, you should decide whether you want to leave any dried foliage and seed heads to feed birds during the winter. Some gardeners prefer to clean the flower beds ready for the spring flower bulbs. Whatever your decision is remember that anything you cut before the winter you wouldn’t have to clean in spring.

Edge and weed your flower beds so you don’t have to do it in spring. You can also plant your spring bulbs before the ground becomes hard. If you have roses, make sure that you leave them alone until spring. Roses are cut back early spring.

Finally, as soon as you notice that the ground is frozen, you can put a winter mulch layer on the perennial beds. Make sure you don’t do that too early as you will be making a good winter shelter for rodents. Gardening doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to do it properly!

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